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Decided to go to a Wasai I haven’t gone in a long time. My uncle brought me to wasai wong kadir when I was about 12, more than 15 years ago today. Must be being a kid, it seemed a long walk from where the car was parked. Being an adult it took me a few minutes. 15 minutes if your quick, 1 hour if you were taking pictures along the way.

One of the huts along the way.

The first hut at Wasai Kadir, Labi, Kuala Belait - HDR

The Waterfall. You can either climb up directly from the left side, or you can climb up the hill the long way from the right side.

Preparing to jump the waterfall

My big splash! believe me, I jumped in and did not reach the bottom, its deep, and I don’t know, and I don’t wanna know how deep it is. I think I almost did not have enough breath to come back up!

My husband's splash!

On top of the waterfall you can see small streams and waterfalls. Felt like this place would be a good inspiration for landscaping.

Wasai Kadir, Labi, Kuala Belait - HDR

There were some small frogs on top of the waterfall. I managed to capture a picture of one.

small frog

The trip

its a long trip, 30 min ride from pekan tutong to sungai liang, 45 minute ride to wasai wong kadir, add another 30 minute if you were to stop by anywhere or get lost (don’t worry, you won’t :p ), There is a sign on the left side of the road about 8km before teraja.

sign board showing the way to wasai wong kadir

There were things I wish I had thought off, and there were those that I was glad that I did.

  • Bring spare clothes, You’d be really tempted to go into the water, and you should! change into your dry clothes once you get out of the wasai, at toilet next to the parking area.
  • Bring food and drinks, for your breakfast if you had to skip it in the morning, as well your lunch if your planning to spend a long time at the wasai. You could probably drop by at restaurants before entering the Labi Road.

planning to put a map here, but google maps not clear in this area.

Pictures courtesy of www.attiev.com

Wasai Kadir, Labi, Kuala Belait - HDR


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