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I’m undergoing 2-day training at ogdc seria, and i’m staying in the area. The first day i noticed there were a significant number of chinese in buses coming to ogdc,so i asked the tourguide for more information. Apparently these were chinese from guang zho (i don’t know if i spelled that right). I asked the guy at the reception and he tells me that it is quite common for chinese tourists to drop by during festive seasons. My guess is they are visiting thei relatives in brunei n or elsewhere in brunei, n then taking the opportunity to tour around. I asked the tour guide and she informed me that the places of interest were OGDC and the one billion barrel monument.
I ‘ve been there before, but this morning i decided to take a walk to the monument.


Upon arrival u would notice what seems to be a brightly colored part of a train.


Then, you’ll walk through a sort of hall with bronze (i think) etchings of shell’s history in brunei.


Some of these were awe inspiring with i think were depictions of seri begawan. But some had images of strange animals that i guess the company had encountered at sea. My guess it was a dugong.


I never really would have thought that OGDC & The one billion barrel monument were tourist attractions. But it does play a part in keeping brunei’s oil n gas history and science for people to know and remember.  One billion barrel is a lot. 🙂






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I went to Tasek Lama last week to hike to Markucing.

There was a public event that day so the guys I went with and I started late. But still early  enough to see mists on the hills.

Mist on the Hills

It was easy to go through the hiking trails as it was filled with (more…)

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My wife wanted to take a picture of something new that she’s never taken before. So I suggested Tasek (Lake) Merimbun. I haven’t gone there myself since I was like 10. But I thought how hard could it be? It’s been said as the biggest lake in Brunei, so the government must have set some signs to lead tourists down the way. It was going through those roads rarely travelled. But we found it.

Signboard of map layout of Tasek Merimbun

It was cool, there a huge lake and an island in the middle. On the edge was a small hut, which I am not sure what it is for. It is not accessible as it is separated from the land by water and there is no bridge.

Mystery HutThere were a lot of Lily Pads, but since we came there in the afternoon none of them were in bloom. We have to go there again sometime in the morning.

According to the map there was an island named pulau jelundong, and that we could see it and the bridge. So we decided to cross it.

We had to pay a dollar to cross. When we got to the small island, we saw signboards warning the danger of crocodiles in the area.

Beware of Crocodile SignI’m not sure whether that reads right…
Caution: Beware of crocodile… your safety is at your own risk…?

I didn’t see any crocodiles. Although there was a local we saw jump into the lake from the bridge and swam back to shore… maybe they are only active in the morning? With a sign like that.. Would it scare or attract tourists?…

Anyway… The name sign was viewable.. but it said something else that was spooky… “kawasan kubur lama..” I’ll just say there no viewable tombstones there… I think..

The island sign

On the way back out my wife took a few good pics of the island as well as the whole lake. Here is one on her flickr page.

Sunny day!

Cool landscape

The entrance to the island is apparently closed after 6.

I tried to find a good map to the place to share. But all I got from google maps is just the following. It is low resolution, but you could probably make out the road.

Good luck in finding the place and enjoy the view.

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Previously, I posted about jerudong park. I didn’t mention about the bumper cars as I didn’t see them functioning at that time. I drop by again and found that the bumper cars were still available. My wife took long shutter speed pics of the rides that night. Here is one of the bumper cars.

Trails of light at bumbercar ride - Revisited

It interesting to see that in all that random movement, there is an obvious circular pattern. Click on the picture to go to her flickr page. I’m going to post her other pictures as soon as she’s done with them. Check her website for more pics at www.attiev.com

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JP's Welcome Sign

I stumbled on a news article that JP was gonna be free again. Well the Entry was, and I think that was good enough. I went and checked the day it was free on Saturday, 12 December 2009 to see what has changed.

The JP Diamond Fountain Roundabout

For the uninitiated, JP was completely free when it opened up. From the entrance to all the rides. It wouldn’t be a surprise for every weekend the placed was jam packed. JP was so famous that people from miri, limbang and singapore would make a trip to brunei just to come to JP! But then JP change the rules by charging entrance and the rides. the traffic was less, JP degraded.

It felt so cool to have Jerudong Park entry to be free again. The parking lot was a bit more occupied then usual. Then at the entrance there were people actually going to the counter to purchase the tickets for the rides. I just went in.

People Buying the ticket for the rides

Inside, the main field and the playgrounds were filled with children with their families. It was so heart warming to see parents spending time with their children.

The Meeting Place

I went to “the meeting place” which I never remembered to be the name of big snakes and ladders game. Never noticed the words of Goodness, Love, Faith and Truth on the border of the board. I remembered there was a bear with a rolling dice in its head, but it wasn’t there anymore. I guess have to bring your own dice… is there a dice app for mob? I know there’s one for iphone…



Passed by the place where I used to play rollerblades, felt a strong urge to play again.. Then I went around the carousel to see some kids playing in it. And some people riding those boat cycle things (what is the name of those things?).

Water Boat Cycle thing

On the far end, we spotted a statue of a triceratops with its 2 triceratoplings (yes i’m making that one up).


Played the Gliding Toy thing (seriously, some one please tell me the correct names for this things). I almost got some blisters on my palm playing those. My increased weight only made it worse. 😦 but I’d still play it again :p

Gliding Thing

The shooting range was still there. You’d shoot a target(i think using IR), and the targets moved and may shoot back water.I saw a little kid holding the rifle like a bazooka. That was cute.

Shooting Range

It such as a shame that most of the rides were not there anymore, like the Pirate ship, I remembered playing that and waiting in line again to play until I got sick… literally. Well at least there is still the Mini Pirate ship, that tickled my stomache. funny feeling 🙂

Mini Pirate Ship

Some parts of the place was still under renovation and some roadblocks were improperly placed. But I know JP Management and Staff will do their best to improve JP.

It was nice to see most of the playground being filled with kids. I think its a great idea just to have JP entrance for free. People will see the rides and they will pay to play them if they wanted to. I hope that JP will return to its former glory. As it would benefit the businesses surrounding it like the hotels and the restaurants to have more visitors from around Brunei and Beyond.

Good luck JP!

More Pics at my facebook photos http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=105736&id=550578077&l=214a043b94

Google Map

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