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My wife wanted to take a picture of something new that she’s never taken before. So I suggested Tasek (Lake) Merimbun. I haven’t gone there myself since I was like 10. But I thought how hard could it be? It’s been said as the biggest lake in Brunei, so the government must have set some signs to lead tourists down the way. It was going through those roads rarely travelled. But we found it.

Signboard of map layout of Tasek Merimbun

It was cool, there a huge lake and an island in the middle. On the edge was a small hut, which I am not sure what it is for. It is not accessible as it is separated from the land by water and there is no bridge.

Mystery HutThere were a lot of Lily Pads, but since we came there in the afternoon none of them were in bloom. We have to go there again sometime in the morning.

According to the map there was an island named pulau jelundong, and that we could see it and the bridge. So we decided to cross it.

We had to pay a dollar to cross. When we got to the small island, we saw signboards warning the danger of crocodiles in the area.

Beware of Crocodile SignI’m not sure whether that reads right…
Caution: Beware of crocodile… your safety is at your own risk…?

I didn’t see any crocodiles. Although there was a local we saw jump into the lake from the bridge and swam back to shore… maybe they are only active in the morning? With a sign like that.. Would it scare or attract tourists?…

Anyway… The name sign was viewable.. but it said something else that was spooky… “kawasan kubur lama..” I’ll just say there no viewable tombstones there… I think..

The island sign

On the way back out my wife took a few good pics of the island as well as the whole lake. Here is one on her flickr page.

Sunny day!

Cool landscape

The entrance to the island is apparently closed after 6.

I tried to find a good map to the place to share. But all I got from google maps is just the following. It is low resolution, but you could probably make out the road.

Good luck in finding the place and enjoy the view.


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