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I’m currently (re)training myself to go to Mount Kinabalu. One of the ways that I am training is by going Bukit Shahbandar (or Shahbandar Hills) The following picture is of the “final” hill that has a tower which most routes get to in the end. of course you could go there first then go in reverse. For this hike, I decided to just go through the 5 hills route to see how long it would take me when I bring a camera and a tripod. it took me almost 2 hours. it would have taken me 15-20 minutes if I had run the route. 2 hours is usually a relax pace through the the 9 hills route. This next picture is of the playground before the hike. It was quite. Usually early in the morning, or before sunset on weekends this place is packed. playgroundThe first hill is one of the hardest hills. It takes about 5 minutes walk. I’ve seen a very few number of people running up. Tried it a long time before, took me just over a minute. pretty cool if you could make it. Haven’t tried it recently. first Hill Before the top of the hill, there is a hut. First time I was here, I would have stopped by, but now I think its just a waste of time, cuz the top is just so near! So here we are at the top of the first hill. Go left and you would go to the “final” tower hill, go straight and you can go through the routes that have 5, 7 or 9 hills. So this time around I’m just going 5 hills, so I go on until the hill that splits route 5 hills from 7 and 9 hills. So Go left to go the “shorter” route, go straight to go a more challenging route. Going down here used to be challenging, but now it has been renovated with concrete stairs. The final Hill was of course the tower. and there are two exits. Either way is the same. Most people would go straight after the tower, and at the bottom turn right instead of going back to the first hill. Some people turn right from the tower. Enjoy the hike 🙂 Some more pictures are available on my facebook. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=112024&id=550578077&l=ab4fe7f783

The following is the location of shahbandar hill in google map


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